Hello world!

Welcome to the Multi Story Thinking website. It’s taken a bit of time to launch and no doubt needs a tweak here and there. We’d love to hear what you think about it and if you spot a typo please let us know. We’ll be swopping some of the images and introducing new projects over the next few weeks and once we got sorted we’ll be blogging regularly about the world of interior design.

This blog will be our guide to unravelling the mysteries of interior design. Look out for 3dBrand, which examines how businesses differentiate themselves through their spaces. Treat your Bum, Wall Magic, Fun on the Floor, Light Fantastic group posts by product and we have # discussions on themes we’re interested in

We’ll also let you into a few secrets with our Go See section and Wonder Wall, our virtual pinboard, where we’ll show you some of the inspiration that makes us tick and if you want to know what we’re listening to in the studio check out our Wheels of Steel posts.

Got an interior design problem?
Post a comment and we’ll provide a Design Remedy.