Bringing space to life

We love furniture and we can help you choose the furniture that will work for your space.

Furniture has a fundamental role within interior spaces enabling activities and helping to create atmosphere and mood. Well-designed or well-specified furniture contributes to the practical and functional workings of your workplace or home whilst materials and finishes can transform how you experience spaces.

We’re design partners with Kinnarps and offer access to the full range of their products, which help you create activity based workspaces that can really drive productivity whilst creating a practical and attractive office that supports and promotes employee well being, health and job satisfaction.

We offer a full set of design services to simplify the process and help support the development and implementation of your project;

  • Product selection and supply
  • Space planning, layout and visualisation
  • Furniture to match your brand identity and budget
  • Bespoke manufacture and batch production
  • Replacement and repair service

If you’re responsible for procurement or human resources, a head teacher, an architect looking for ideas or run a business we can help you realise your vision.

We manage the whole process from product selection to delivery making your life as easy as possible.