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Multi Story Thinking is run by JONATHAN FORSTER, a designer and educator with over 20 years of experience.  After graduating with an MA from the Royal College of Art, Jonathan set up his first company in the late Nineties. Since then he has put his own stamp on all manner of spaces, from coffee shops to synagogue, restaurants to homeless shelter.


Multi-Story-Thinking is built with you in mind.  Helping people with a passion for interior design to understand how they can shape their surroundings.


 “The best moment is seeing the transformation of space and the impact it has on my clients. It’s fantastic when someone tells you how much of a difference the changes in their space have made to their life” - Jonathan Forster


We’re now designing right across the sector and specialising in workplace settings and student accommodation. We’re particularly proud of our employee engagement toolkits, finding that businesses who involve their staff in design decisions will often see brilliant results with employee health, wellbeing and productivity. 

He is the Award Leader of the Interior Design course at the University of Plymouth and as an academic he’s been forging links between emerging talents and industry while staying at the cutting-edge of research.

With us, you’ll improve profits, discover a new aesthetic and learn a little about interior design along the way.


MST: Unravelling the mysteries of Interior Design.

Jonathan Forster is a designer, educator, design consultant, employee
engagement specialist and host of the Multi Story Thinking podcast
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