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Improving wellbeing and productivity

We’ve developed a unique Employee Engagement Design service called Led Design that delivers improvements to employee wellbeing and productivity through active engagement of the client and employees in the design process.

Led Design applies workplace psychology to the design process.  We’ve developed this approach alongside workspace psychologist Dr Craig Knight whose research suggests that a psychological application of design expertise can have astonishing results with staff well-being, productivity, creativity and cognitive performance improving by as much as 40%.

Design Toolkits
Our design process uses a series of Design Toolkits to assess and evaluate your current requirements and develop a layout and mix of furniture that provides the opportunity to adopt ‘smart’ activity-based and agile work practices that will allow your staff to come together and work collaboratively.

The Led Design process includes;

·       Staff consultation
·       Development of toolkits to explore space utilisation and design
·       Employee workshops to test and explore ideas
·       Production of design guidelines for space use based upon employee design workshops

Get in touch
If you’d like to know how our unique design process can help you design your space, improve your productivity and enhance your quality of life then we’d love to hear from you.


Call on 07947 427 409 or send us an email

Our unique Led Design Employee Enagement service produces
happier, healthier and most crucially, more productive employees.
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